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Kiernan Shipka’s performance is absolutely stunning. My favorite scene is at the beginning when she’s in the headmaster’s office and she’s having a conversation with him, but she’s really having two conversations, we just don’t know it yet. The way she’s not present while still trying to hold both conversations is intoxicating and sets up the rest of the film really well.


The atmosphere was fantastic. I’m not normally a fan of slow-building tension, as my attention span normally can’t handle it, but in this situation, it was wonderfully done.


I liked this movie a lot. It was pretty representative of living in Nebraska, where I grew up. I know the area where this was filmed very well. I learned to drive on some of the roads they showed. I’ve been to most of the locations in this film (at least the Nebraska ones) so I had a lot of “Oh look!” moments.

I like the plot for the most part. I think some things could’ve hit harder. We’ll get there in a moment.

Overall, I love the jokes. I think it’s a smart comedy even though it’s a product of its time and lacked proper representation to really get the story right. I think they did an amazing job with the story they had.


Scientific discovery and Brainard’s relentless pursuit of scientific breakthroughs drive the plot, emphasizing the importance of curiosity, experimentation, and invention.

His preoccupation with research causes him to jeopardize his human relationships, particularly with his fiancée. Love, second chances, and redemption play a huge role in this film.

SPOILER: This is mostly a hate-filled rage rant against this movie. If you love this film, this is a good time to not click this and go do something else. Don't worry, your childhood was not ruined by me hating this, but my day was ruined by me watching this.


Fiction vs. Reality - Art and life can't be completely separated. This film blurs the line between the two, letting his characters haunt Harry in real life.

We have a lot in here about dysfunctional relationships and the desire to pick relations that can't work out. We explore Harry's flaws and his interactions and how the mix of the two leads to isolation and loneliness.

Mortality - Harry is faced with his own mortality from the time his ex picks up a gun through the very end, even watching a "friend" die in the car. The movie examines the consequences of his actions throughout his life and where that leaves Harry as he begins to confront the end of his existence.


The theme of possible fatherhood/ paternity. Both men are convinced they are the father and want to do whatever is best for the boy. I think they could’ve done much more with this, even in a comedy. Just something that made it feel more realistic.

The themes of Identity and Self-Discovery are evident in Jack, Dale, and Scott. Scott tries so hard to fit in and to win the girl he likes, but she’s always with someone else. Jack and Dale have to confront their own insecurities and past mistakes.


After a stranger leaves him a secluded property, drifter Rusty finds himself the caretaker of a massive, tooth-filled mouth in the ground…and it’s hungry. 

His situation is complicated by Abigail, a wannabe filmmaker who stumbles on the secret. Together, the odd pair set out to discover the origins of Mouth and the hidden history of its former owner, setting in motion an outlandish scheme that could endanger them all.



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