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Creep this way

James Sabata’s BOOK REVIEW: Creep this way: How to Become a Horror Writer With 24 Tips to Get You Ghouling

Wanna be a horror writer but don't know where to start?  Try Creep This Way!  

Fun and pressure-free, it's a guide to the business of boo!

In a voice that sounds like a longtime friend, Rebecca Cuthbert offers clear advice you can immediately apply to your writing aspirations.

"Cuthbert's 'how-to' is a delightful blend of memoir and no-nonsense advice for all aspiring writers." -- Rowan Hill, author of Foxfire

"In an industry that is constantly changing, even seasoned pros will learn something new from this book." -- James Sabata, author of Caduceus (Hey! That’s me!)

 "An essential guide for the aspiring horror writer." -- D. M. Guay, author of the 24/7 Demon Mart book series.


This is a book about being a writer, NOT about writing. Don’t get me wrong, that’s in there too, but the purpose of this book isn’t to teach you how to plot or edit or format. It’s here to discuss the realities of all the other stuff you need to help you succeed as a writer. 

If you’re looking for a book about writing itself, this probably isn’t the book you need… but you should come back and get this when you’re ready for the next part.


I’ve read a lot of how to write books. Some I’ve enjoyed. Some I have not. Some seemed instantly outdated.

Each chapter tells a story, shows how it applies to writing, and then offers ways you can apply the lesson to your own life.

This book feels like it will adjust with time because nothing is really locked in this moment. There are tips on exploring social media, not how to use ONE particular social media application. There are timeless tips on making conventions work for you, how to build (or fake) confidence, and how to use rejections as milestones instead of commentary on your worth.


I loved that this book is small. It’s easily digestible. It’s full of fast, fun advice and stories of how it has applied to Rebecca’s life and might apply to yours. This book DOES NOT want to be a “here’s the answer to everything” list. It is a “Man, here’s something I wish I’d known” list. It works so well because of that.

Rebecca Cuthbert brings us a how-to-write book for any level of expertise and a roadmap for navigating all the extra pieces that go with being a writer these days.


CREEP THIS WAY offers 24 tips to help you understand not only writing, but also social media, website design, the importance of live events, writing groups, how to build confidence, and how to embrace the inevitability of rejection.

Some of these topics include: