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Creature Feature

Coming this spring, Vincent V. Cava and I unleash our monthly creature double feature, MIDNIGHT MONSTER MADNESS.

Each issue will contain two creature features, one written by each of us.

Book One will have HAIR OF THE DOG by James Sabata, a story of how addiction can really claw in and never get off your back. And THE THING IN THE SINK by Vincent V. Cava, which dives down the drain to find the consequences of our inactions. 

Charity Anthology - Short Stories

The Spirited Giving Anthology will feature short stories from twenty authors, playing heavily into the Unbanned Books Initiative. Some deal straight on with political issues like bodily autonomy, gun violence, or the mental and physical repercussions of trauma. Others look at things like medical expenses or the housing market. Still others take fun looks at religion, the effects of screen time for children, and even obsessions with a favorite author.

This anthology will be tied to SPIRITED GIVING. Proceeds will benefit the San Diego Library Foundation.

Horror Comedy

Since 1985, over 500 overweight teenagers have come to Camp Wašíču, looking to lose weight, gain self-confidence, and turn their lives around. Phillip McCracken arrives, weighing in at almost 400 pounds; but the baggage he carries from the past affects him much more deeply than the numbers of the scale. When a homicidal maniac hell-bent on revenge attacks, Phillip will be forced to either find the courage to save the people around him or fall victim to his own self-doubt… … and possibly a machete.

Filled with allusions to the Slasher films of yesteryear, Fat Camp delivers horror, humor, and a little slice of nostalgia for anyone who grew up even slightly afraid of the dark. 

Creature Feature

A decapitated zookeeper. Two bodies found on hole six of a golf course. A stadium worker who never made it home. And an enemy with no way to stop its new-found killer instinct.

Three zoo employees set out to find the escaped bird before anyone else does, but local police and a crazed militia man have their own plans. None are prepared for what's waiting for them.

With the talons of a velociraptor, the cassowary is the most dangerous bird in the world. Six feet tall. 150 pounds. A seven-foot vertical leap. Capable of running 30 mph. And an expert swimmer.

And this one just got an upgrade. 

Raunchy Murder Mystery

WhoDunnHer?? The short answer is everybody.

Idaho knew a majority of the men on campus in the biblical sense; some of the women too. She wrecked marriages, ended careers, and ensured chlamydia’s reign over this quiet town. Almost everyone hated her and almost everyone had a reason to do her in.

One man takes it upon himself to solve the grisly murder and ensure he clears his own name, but his own relationships, ideologies, and self-destructive behavior cloud his judgment worse than alcohol ever did. He’ll have to confront drug dealers, his friends, detox symptoms, and his own beliefs in a battle to figure out exactly WhoDunnHer?? 

Political Parody / Satire / Farce

After Kyle Gingerbreadhouse slaughters Santa on Fifth Ave, Trumpus declares himself the new King of Christmas. With the Naughty/Nice Lists in hand, Trumpus attempts to use the magic of the North Pole to become the most powerful man in the world. But will he lose it all when Lil Mikey Sixpence gains the ability to certify the next Santa Claus? He has until Epiphany - January 6th - to find a way to stay in power or risk being forgotten.

Lampoons the likes of Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Ron DeSantis, Rudy Giuliani, Nikki Haley, Kyle Rittenhouse, and Lindsey Graham. 

Short Story Collection

Andy Rooney said, "Death is a distant rumor to the young." Some would argue death is a distant rumor to the living.

The Reaper rides with us at all times, his scythe drawing ever closer until the day it strikes. No one knows the day or the hour. No one is left untouched. No age is safe.

James Sabata brings ten stories exploring death, the importance of the time we have, and the impact on those who are left behind when the Reaper walks away.


Creature Feature - Expected Spring 2024

Coming this spring, Vincent V. Cava and I unleash our monthly creature double feature, MIDNIGHT MONSTER MADNESS.

Each issue will contain two creature features, one written by each of us.

Book Two has Cava's OUTRUN THE REAPER, a story of a man trying to outrun his grief, but finding death is often riding right beside him, and Sabata's POWER PLAY, a campy tale of molting and a hockey player who only gets better with age. 


Creature Feature - Expected Spring 2024

A loose follow-up to The Cassowary, this book will follow a few returning characters and a new cast as they deal with a new creature on the loose. 

The boundaries between untamed wilderness and big city life blur as a new terror lurks in the shadows, creeping into populated areas in search of food... and blood.

Dangerous, unpredictable, and notoriously territorial, javelina dominate the underbrush, charging with fury, slaughtering with their sharp, fierce tucks.

It's survival of the fittest, and in the heart of the wild, nothing is as dangerous as underestimating the power of The Javelina.


Short Story Collection - Recollected

Three tales of horror and love and the roads we take to never let go.

Stories in this small collection include:

Atrophy Wife
Between the Maples
Gossip Hounds of Sherry Town

Each of these three stories was republished in A Distant Rumor.

Charity Anthology - Discontinued

Nothing is as it seems. Your reflection beckons you through the looking glass. Step through the cracks and travel paths where the darkness twists familiar shapes, where the once safe havens are overrun with danger, and the mundane objects of your life are forever changed. 

Twenty authors share their view of the world through the shattered and splintered shards of their imaginations. Where does perception end and reality begin?