ON JANUARY 29, 2024, Shortwave Publishing announced they are publishing SHADOWS IN THE STACKS, a horror anthology edited by Vincent V. Cava, James Sabata, and Jared Sage. Shadows in the Stacks serves as the official charity anthology for the Spirited Giving Fundraiser and will raise funds for the San Diego Library Foundation.

This anthology will feature ORIGINAL short stories by:

Ai Jiang

Alexis DuBon

Alvaro Zinos-Amaro

Bridget D. Brave

Clay McLeod Chapman

Douglas Ford

James Sabata

Jamie Flanagan

JAW McCarthy

John Palisano

Jonathan Maberry

Kel Byron

Kevin D. Anderson

Lucy Leitner

Rebecca Cuthbert

SA Bradley

Tim McGregor

Vincent V. Cava

William Sterling

Zachary Ashford

Zachary Rosenberg

Foreword by Laurel Hightower

Pre-orders are up now at http://bit.ly/ShadowsInTheStacks

50% of proceeds from pre-orders will go to pay authors, while the other 50% will go to the Library Foundation… after release day, 100% of proceeds from sales go to the Library Foundation.

I need you to help me in a couple of ways if you're able. I don't normally beg you to buy my books, but I'm doing so right now.

1. PLEASE buy this book during the presale (running now until May 27th-ish).

Purchasing this book during the presale is incredibly important, as any sales during this time are split half and half, with the Library Foundation receiving half of the profits and the authors receiving the other half. Yes, it's a charity anthology. Authors still deserve to be paid for their work. So if you buy the book during this time period, you are helping in more ways than one. If you're able to do so, this is a great way to help our causes.

2. SHARE this information. If you'd be so kind as to go on your social media accounts and post something as simple as "This book looks great! Grab it while it's on pre-sale!" and put the link http://bit.ly/ShadowsInTheStacks (case-sensitive), that will help others find out about it. Together we can raise way more cash for the library and the authors involved. (For reference reasons - The three editors donated our time and skill and will not be receiving a dime from this endeavor).

3. REVIEW - Guys, even if you leave a single line with some thoughts about the book, it helps. A rating helps. Both let the algorithms know people are interacting with this book and it changes how it is viewed in the Amazon stream. It helps Amazon stick this book in the "Other books you might like" section, etc.  If you're on Goodreads or any of the others, PLEASE leave a review. It helps more than you can imagine and does not take much time.