Photo Credit: S.A. Bradley - July, 2023 - Louisville, KY

Author / Screenwriter / Podcaster

Founder and Director of the
Spirited Giving Fundraiser

About Me

James Sabata is a crotchety middle-aged man who who works as a horror author, produced screenwriter, and co-host of TheNecronomi.Com, a weekly podcast analyzing horror films as social commentary. TheNecronomi.Com has over one million downloads.

James is the founder and director of SPIRITED GIVING, a pop-up horror-themed fundraiser helping local communities.

James has written several books and has three more coming out in 2024. His first feature film is reportedly currently in production.

He lives in Phoenix, AZ with his wife, daughter, two cats, a tarantula, and the ghost of an older gentleman with a hilarious sense of humor.